Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moving On (Part 3 of 3)

Even though it would be our 3rd move in 1 year, I was super excited for our next assignment.  Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii!  Yeah!!  I think this was payback for the year of moving.  When we arrived there, we lived in a hotel for the first two months.  I'm not complaining about that...with a new baby in tow, having a maid everyday was wonderful!

The complaint starts when the only available housing on base were the houses that were set to be demolished in 6 months.  Really?  This is already our third move in one year!  I took what was given, but with the promise of a brand spankin new house as soon as they were completed in 6 months.  Scratch that.  8 months.  No, wait.  A year.  Okay, how did we end up being the last family in the neighborhood?  They already had the construction fences up around our old house.  The construction workers were knocking at our door asking when we were going to leave.  We'll leave as soon as we have a place to live, darn it!

When we did finally get to move into our new house in Hawaii.  It was fantastic.  Great location on a little cul-de-sac with fantastic neighbors.  There was even a little park built just a few yards away.  I could see the kids playing there from almost every window in our house and almost every day was a perfect day for playing outside.

After 3 years in Hawaii, and 2 years in that house, it was time for our next assignment.  Korea.

Wow.  We were not expecting that.  To be honest, I was disappointed.  Hawaii was beautiful and wonderful, but it was too far away from family and I had hoped to move closer for a while.  Like it or not though, we were going, and I was grateful.  Grateful because the assignment was originally just my husband going there for a year without us.  We got permission for us to go as a family and in the process it was changed into a 2 year assignment.

The housing on the base in Korea is in high-rise towers.  The unit we were given was one bedroom short of what we really needed.  So just to be consistent, the housing company waited until a month after we moved in -to offer us another unit with more bedrooms.  Really?  We would have happily waited in the hotel for a month to get the bigger unit, but now that we've moved in, and settled?  No, thank you!  We've already moved 16 times in 16 years.  We'll make it work.

*This just in!  During my husband's promotion ceremony yesterday, the general announced that my husband was selected for a training school in Alabama.  When we leave Korea this summer (after only one year here) it will bring the tally up to 17 moves in 17 years.


  1. You're a strong woman to deal with all the moves. At least you will be close to family and friends this way. I can come rescue you, help ya settle in or whatever you want.....Mindy

  2. Thanks, Mindy! I already mapped out how far it is to your place :)

  3. My dad has driven it many times and told me it is actually only about 4 hours max with all the new roads. Totally doable for a day trip etc! And with the way I drive, more like 2 hours ;)

    Mindy :)

  4. Girl, all I've got to say is you need to settle down and quite moving around so much. You running from bad people or something? Oh, wait, you are going where you are sent by our "uncle", never mind that previous comment. You are, as Mindy said, a strong woman. We are so happy to hear the news that you are coming back home to the good ol' USA. Your December trip will make the whole wait seem much shorter. I guess when you get back you get to start packing again. Maybe not getting that construction project done was a good thing.
    Love you guys,

  5. I love you, my sister in Christ. I am so proud of you for keeping a positive mindset during all these moves and changes. God is preparing you and Raj for His work and these moves are stepping stones. Your strength is in Him! God bless you guys!