Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Difference

"I aspire to grace, I aspire to generosity, I aspire to kindness. I have my moments -- shiny and effortless.  But then, I stumble and fall.  I don't write the letter, I don't reach out the hand, I don't give up the grudge whose sense evaporated long, long ago.
And so I'm vowing to try harder to become the person that I want to be.  The person worth remembering in big and small ways.  And soon.  Oh, soon.  Before it's me to whom the doctor turns and says, I have bad news.  And I'm confronted with the cold truth that a paper hospital gown is poor protection for what lies underneath. "

It's not the kind of inspiration that I expected when I went here this morning, but I was inspired none the less.

When it comes to who we are, it doesn't really make a difference who we wish we were, or even who we intend to be, does it?  No, the difference is made by who we try to be.  The difference is made by the effort.  We may never fully achieve our goal, but we are never closer to it than when are to trying to achieve it.

And so I'm vowing to try harder to become the person that I want to be.


  1. Wow, I love it. That made me want to try harder...really. You have something to say and people need to hear it. I am so proud of you. Not everyone is blessed with a family member such as you. You are special to us.

    Your efforts of kindness and thoughtfulness make me look so small in comparison. Yet you desire to try more. I see a pattern here in life; it seems that those who try the most always see some area of improvement that needs attention while those who make little or no effort think they are overworked and under appreciated rarely taking inventory of their lives as a tool of blessing to others. You try and it shows.


  2. I appreciated the inspiration this morning. I once listened to a women speak who just radiated kindness. You come across that way to me too.