Wednesday, November 9, 2011

House Hunting International

So we aren't even quite moved into this place when we get the news that we are moving in about 7 months.  Let me point out first that this is not a complaint post.  We are excited about the move and even the timing of it.  But it is odd to be unpacking boxes in Korea while shopping for rentals back in the U.S.

We are moving to Alabama in June/July to attend a year long training class.  There will be many other students in this class all moving at the same time and so the mad dash to get the housing that you want before someone else gets it has already begun.  The internet makes house hunting internationally SO much easier, but it is still a challenge to get information to make decisions with when you are on the other side of the international date line.  It is even more challenging because my husband has been on a trip to Hawaii for the last week and will turn around and fly back out to Florida two days after arriving home.  We've been house hunting via Skype.  I love Skype!

Here are the options that we are looking at.

The walking path
Yes, please!

1. Student housing on base is fairly crappy while still taking up all of our housing allowance, but it is super safe and super convenient with the bonus of a good Department of Defense school.

2. A much cheaper house just off base would let us save money and still be fairly convenient, but is not nearly as safe.  It would have the option for Daniel to attend a Math, Science, and Technology focused magnet school, but we wouldn't know if he was accepted till after we moved and Asha would have to attend a separate school.

3. A nicer house in a nicer neighborhood with a creek at the edge of the backyard and a beautiful walking path just behind.  It has a good school within a mile and a new YMCA nearby, but the drive to base for my husband each day would be 20 min instead of 5-10, and we would not save any money on rent. 

Which one do you think will win out?
*Did I mention option 3 has a private Jacuzzi hot tub out back?


  1. Ok, I vote for the walking path. I think you deserve a palace with everything you want for all you have been through in changing locations since Raj signed up.

  2. I thought getting to live in Hawaii for three years was pretty good payback, but don't forget...I was the one that chose not to settle down there. He left there kicking and screaming :)

  3. I was not blaming it on Raj rather our uncle Sam.

  4. That was fast! You have a great attitude. I'm not sure I would handle that so well. And I'm thinking you went with 1, unless you are planning to stay there awhile, then I'd guess 3. :)

  5. Janae, we signed the contract on option #3 today! I couldn't pass up the creek and walking path. We will be there for at least a year, but maybe there for two.

  6. Wow, you are on a "there today, gone tomorrow" whirlwind tour. Hope your kids will remember a lot of the things they experience. I'm glad you chose #3. A mom and family need a swell place to make a home. Aunt Bonnie