Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When It Rains It Pours

As I pulled out the mop yesterday, I did it dreadfully.  I had been sick for over a week and the floors had been neglected accordingly.  It's not the cleaning of the dirty floors that I dreaded though, it was the fact that I knew...as every mother does...that cleaning floors only makes them dirtier.

Washing floors is kinda like washing your car.  It pretty much guarantees that it will soon begin to rain.  After you wash your car, it will rain water from clouds in the sky.  After you wash your floor, it will rain milk, juice, soda, and pretty much anything except water, from various little people living in your house.   This phenomena is proportional too.  The deeper the clean, the stickier the rain.

This was in the back of my mind yesterday as I started cleaning, but I just couldn't stand the fingerprints and marks on the walls any longer so I crossed my fingers and scrubbed them off.  When I tucked the kids in last night and all the floors were still clean, I was tempted to think that maybe I had beaten the system.  But alas, gravity was just laying in wait for a more opportune food item.

I offer this for proof of my theory that cleaning floors only makes them dirtier: This morning Ethan dropped an applesauce cup.  It didn't just splatter across the floor and onto the baseboards, but you guessed it, all across the wall too.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

No "I Love You's"!

My youngest child has aquired a very annoying habit of calling me back into his room 5 minutes after I have tucked him in for the night.

Yes, Ethan?
Can you spread my blankets?
I already spread them.

What, Ethan?
Where's my baby jaguar?
He's right next to you...

Go to sleep, Ethan.
You forgot to give me a kiss!
No, I didn't.  GO to sleeeeep.

The list goes on night after night and he knows he's running out of options
so last night he went for one more that he just knew would work...

Ethan!  Be quiet and GO to SLEEP!
Mom, I love you.
No!  Stop calling me and go to sleep!
...No "I love you's"?

I'm a terrible mother. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I confess! I did it!

 Reposted blog entry from August 9, 2007

Of course, I don't remember doing it and it was my husband that confessed that I did!

Here's the story...
I took the car over to the new house to paint.  My husband called and asked me to come bring him the keys to the van so he could move some stuff. I hop into the car and spend the ride over chatting with Asha about how we are going to see Daddy and Daniel. She's so cute calling out, "Dadi, Danda, whey!" (Daddy, Daniel, we're coming!)

I get home and we all hop into the van and head over to the new house. At the security gate, the guard tells us that someone just ran the gate at our old house without stopping. (this is a big deal) He tells us it was a white car.  My husband  says "our car is white." The guard says they only got the last three of the license plate -XXX.  My husband  says, "That's our license plate." I say, "Are you sure its ours?" Surely I didn't run past two stop signs, the guard shack, and a guard and not know it! I can't remember doing it but it had to have been me. And it better be because my husband tells the guard it was me and we head back over there.

We sit at the guard shack while security forces (Military police) and a bunch of rent-a-cops chew me out, pour over all our ID's and talk to each other and other people on their walkies or whatever. Daniel, who is never at a loss for questions, fires one after another to rub it in. "Why did we come back here? Why are we stopped here? Why can't we go? What are they doing with your ID's? Who are they talking to? What are they talking about?" etc... My husband is just sure that they are going to impound our car and cart me away to jail in hand cuffs right in front of our kids. He also reminds me that if this were another base (and not East Housing) that I could have been shot at when I didn't stop. We sit in silence for a moment and I tell him that on the bright side, the paint will be dry by the time we get back home. :) I don't think he saw the humor in it that I did though because he wasn't amused...

In the end it was just a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign -though I think I might have really enjoyed the quiet respite of a cell for the night. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Things I love about you

I love your generosity.
I love your dependability.
I love your attentiveness.
I love your intelligence.
I love your initiative.
I love your strength. 
I love your leadership.
I love your sense of humor.
I love your perspective on life.
I love your way of loving me.

Happy Valentines Day, my Love