Friday, November 4, 2011

Fess up Friday: A Round Tuit

I'm the 'Go-Getter' in my family.

If you know my family though, you know that isn't saying much.  We have trouble getting around to stuff.  I'm not saying we never get stuff done, we just get to it 'eventually'.

The back of my van right now is an example of this very thing.  It has been jam-packed full of things on their way to the thrift store for 3 months now.   I cannot bring myself to cart it all back up 10 floors to my unit and I can't bear to throw it away, but I cannot seem to get around to going to the thrift store when it is open.  It is only open on Tuesdays between (well I can't seem to remember the times), and one Saturday of the month (will it surprise you when I say I don't remember which Saturday either?)  This means anytime we need to bring stuff home in the van, it goes under our feet or around us on the seat.  My husband was patient with me at first, but after 3 months I think he's about to drop me off at the thrift store.

I sure hope he doesn't get a round tuit!


  1. ok, ok, I will do all those things you sister told you I should have done around the house that I have not gotten to. That is why you wrote this...right? Or am I just feeling guilty. On second thought I think I will just delete thi

  2. Your first mistake is thinking everything is about you :)

    I don't think you have anything to feel guilty about from this post though, you seem WAY more productive than me! Maybe you should let me borrow your round tuit.