Sunday, October 23, 2011

Home again, Homeschool again, Jiggity Jig (Part 1 of 3)

It's not how I hoped it would turn out,
        but probably how I suspected it would.

Asha started a special needs preschool 3 hours a day when she was three.  She moved on to full day Jr. Kindergarten the next year to continue receiving speech and language services.  This year she is still receiving services in Kindergarten.  School has always been good for her in more ways than one.  She loves school!  She loves her teachers, she loves her friends, she progresses and blossoms there.  She had a hard time with our move to Korea this summer, but I knew all would be well as soon as she started school.  And it was.

Daniel went to preschool when he was little, but it was not much of a structured place.  More creative if you please.  He didn't really play with the other kids.  On the playground he often stood next to the teacher talking.  Talking, talking... and the questions, ohh.  This kid has never been at a loss for questions!  His first word was 'Dad', but Lord help me if his second word wasn't 'Why?'

While he enjoyed the creativity of the preschool, he didn't really learn much there.  He knew his letters and numbers back when he was 2.  He was reading at 3 and skip counting at 4.  He was very excited to start Kindergarten but I knew it would be a lot of stuff he already knew.  After the novelty of going to school wore off, he started to dislike going.  He would beg me some mornings not to make him go.  I assumed it was because he was bored.

We stuck out the year but the next year I purchased homeschool curriculum and gave it a go.  He was an easy student and finished all his school work in 2 hours a day.  I knew this meant he was not challenged enough.  I knew he needed more.  I heard about a school for gifted students nearby.  We applied for the next year and he was accepted.  He attended the summer session and loved it!  They did a lot of science and math.  Both of those were right up his alley.  I found it interesting that even though he was now around kids who were just like him, he still did not play with them on the playground.  He mostly stayed to himself.  I found it interesting because he lived to play with his friends in our neighborhood.

It didn't matter much though because the school did not come through with financial aid for the regular school year and their tuition was much higher than we could justify paying for a 2nd grade student.  I need that arm and leg, thank you!  We already knew the local public school did not work for him, so back to homeschool it was.


  1. It's too bad that school was so pricey. I think it can be hard to find the perfect niche for your kids. Your a great mom. I don't know if I would have it in me to homeschool.

  2. Every parent and every child is different. I didn't think I could, but aside from occasional butted heads, he is an easy student. I could NOT, however, homeschool my daughter. One of us would not survive that attempt! :)

  3. Wendy, I enjoyed your post. I am looking forward to parts 2-27. Poor little Ethan...he got left out completely :) Have a great day.

  4. Oh, BTW...that was me...Allen

  5. Allen, with all the sarcasm, it couldn't have been anyone else. :p

    And if I would have included Ethan, it would have gone something like...

    'Ethan has never gone to school, but at some point I'm pretty sure he will have to be educated. I wonder how that will go.'

  6. Ok, Wendy, I don't mean to be pushy...but I am ready for the second installment on this story. I have been checking everyday to read it and I have been patiently waiting. But now I think you need to quit sitting on the couch and eating bon bons all day and give all your readers what they want;) I trust you will forget about this comment by the time you get to Dallas and I won't get hurt. Of course, if you don't I may be in serious trouble. I'm going with the short term memory option and hitting "publish." Love ya, Sis.

  7. LOL! Too bad for you tomorrow's post will be about something else!

    I will probably post part 2 on Monday or Tuesday.

  8. Too bad...but I am sure I will be grateful for whatever you write. So, do you only publish once a week? I like reading what you write. You have at least one fan.