Saturday, October 1, 2011

Growth Chart

There are the obvious times when we are proud of our children.
Like when they learn to tie their shoes or score a great goal.
Those are times when they have learned to do things
that others may see and take notice of.

But then there are the more subtle moments.
Like when you overhear your toddler saying,
"Yes, please." and "Thank you so much."
- completely unprompted by you!
    Or when your children,
who normally fight loudly with each other,
instead quietly say to each other,
"I don't like it when you do that.  Please don't do it again."

While I am certainly proud of big moments,
like starting 4th grade,
I am more proud of little ones,
like learning to solve conflict with a classmate.
Because when it all comes down to it,
I am not as proud of the kinds of things my children learn to do,
as the kinds of people they learn to be.


  1. Beautiful photograph. But of course, your family made it easy for the photographer.

  2. They most certainly did not! None of them were in the mood to cooperate but for some reason, they did not mind posing for this one ;)

  3. I just now came back a read the article. Your insight is excellent. I brag a lot on the accomplishments of my children...but the real important things are on the inside...who they are. You make people think. Wendy, I am grateful for you. You are a fantastic mom.