Thursday, November 1, 2012

I should have known better

Reposted blog entry from Jun 7, 2008

I'm a white girl. A very white girl. (except when I stand in the sun for 10 minutes, then I'm red) I know this and yet still...!

Ok, let me back up. My husband's Weapons School graduation is on Saturday. Its a very fancy, formal affair and everyone will be dressed to the hilt (not a "slightly dressier than Sunday" occasion). So I had to find a formal gown that would fit over my baby belly and make a cute bump rather than a whale bump. As difficult as it was, I did manage to find the perfect dress (well, it will be perfect after quite expensive alterations to accommodate said belly). Its very sleek -almost slimming- and though not strapless, it is fairly backless.

So why did it not occur to me that sitting in the sun in a square neckline for 45 minutes the day after I bought this backless dress might not be a good idea? I don't know, but the bright red square that extends a third of the way down my back might as well be a huge sign that reads "moron".

Weapons School Graduation
8 months pregnant with Ethan

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