Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kidipedia Addendum 1

Addendum 1 to Kidipedia

Kidipedia   noun   kid·i·pe·dia
: a reference listing alphabetically the words and phrases of one language (the one my children speak) and showing their meanings or translations in another language (English).

bemember   verb   be·mem·ber
: to recall to the mind by an act or effort of memory    [I bemember when we lived in Korea.]

fighter-fighter   noun   fight·er·fight·er
: one who fights fires

karating   verb   ka·ra·ting
: to make quick or repeated hand strikes and kicks as if employing the Japanese art of self-defense

keyweed   noun   key·weed
: the edible fruit of a Chinese vine having a fuzzy brown skin and slightly tart green flesh

leprecan   noun   lep·re·can
: the smooth thin-shelled nut of the pecan tree   [Look how many leprecans fell from our tree!]

literal   adjective   lit·er·al
: of a size that is less than   [Yours is literal than mine.]

saustrage   noun   saus·trage
: a very large bird that runs very quickly but cannot fly   [Can we go see the saustrages at the zoo?]

tomorning   noun   to·morn·ing
: the time from sunrise to noon of the day after today   [I want donuts for breakfast tomorning!]

worldworm   noun   world·worm
: a long slender worm that lives in damp earth

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