Saturday, August 25, 2012


Kidipedia   noun   kid·i·pe·dia
: a reference listing alphabetically the words and phrases of one language (the one my children speak) and showing their meanings or translations in another language (English).

becomes   conjunction   be·comes
: for the reason that    [I took my shoes off becomes my feet were hot.]

canick   noun   can·ick
: one who repairs cars

hanitizer   noun   han·i·tiz·er
: liquid formulation designed to kill bacteria quickly on the skin of the hands.

hoars   noun   hoars
: one of the 24 divisions of a day : 60 minutes

kweese   verb   kweese
: to arrange or form in a queue   [Can I kweese this game before I turn the PS3 off?]

lieberry   noun   lie·berry
: a place in which books are kept for use but not for sale

load-down   noun   load·down
: to copy or transfer (data or a program) into the memory of one's own computer from another computer   [Daddy, can you load-down this game to my iPod?]

scratchy   adjective   scratch·y
: an uneasy irritating feeling in the skin    [The bug bite made my leg get scratchy.]

sucuse   verb   su·cuse
: to make apology for    [Oops, I burped. Sucuse me!]

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