Sunday, December 30, 2012

Conversations with Asha

Asha: Are you going to tell them I'm your son?

Me: You're not my son.

Asha: (Looks at me very confused.)

Me:  You're not my son, you're my... (Pausing for her to fill in with....)

Asha:  Honey?

Me:  (Smiling)  Well, yes, but...  (Let's try this another way.) Boys are sons and girls are...

Asha: Honeys!  (What?  No!)

Ethan:  Sisters!!

Me:  No, she's your sister but she's my...  (Looking at Asha and pausing for her to say...)

Asha:  Brother.

Me:  (Staring at her blankly for a moment... )

Asha: Husband?

Me: uh... (Really?)

Asha: Honey!

(It is now that I realize just  how much I call her that.)

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