Thursday, October 25, 2012

Embarrassing Moments #3462, #3520, 3521, & 3522:

Reposted blog entry from Dec 11, 2009

Embarrassing moment #3462:

I took the kids bowling. Wish I had my camera. Daniel's pretty good. Got a few spares and even a strike without any helps. Asha used the tripod ramp and thought she needed a running start to push the ball. She was so excited she kept forgetting to watch her pins fall down. Ethan was all about the balls. "Ba. Ba!" Kept picking them up and chasing them all around the floor. He was just tall enough to push the ball down the tripod ramp and managed to get a spare. I wish I had my camera. It was so cute!! Then he decided to run down the lane after the ball. I caught him just in time, then...whoa!!!! Down I goooo.... Not just on my tush -All the way flat. Knocked Ethan on his head and one of the gutters down too. Every other player staring at me...On second thought, I'm kinda glad there were no cameras around.

Another reposted blog entry from Dec 24, 2009

Embarrassing moment #3520, 3521, & 3522:

So its Christmas Eve and we finally made it out of the house to get a Christmas tree. Got a crazy cheap deal on it. Go figure!

We got it in the cart and began making our way to the car from the Navy Exchange. I've got Ethan in the umbrella stroller and he's kinda grumpy from a cold so I'm giggling him back and forth to try and keep him happy when...CRASH~ I tip him over onto his head! ACK!

Okay, that could have been enough embarrassment but as I snatch him up in lighting speed and give him the once over for blood, I hear insanely loud laughter from a few yards away. I don't mean a snicker, or even a hearty chuckle. I mean a full blown, make everyone who wasn't already looking turn around to gawk at me, belly laugh. Yes, Sir. I do already know that I am a moron. Was the public ridicule really necessary?

Now all I really want to do is teleport back to the car, but alas, I do not yet possess this technology. So I walk as fast as I can, which means stepping off the curb and not walking around to the ramp. I did manage to get the stroller down without incident, but don't forget we've got the tree in the cart. When the first set of wheels hit the did the tree. Up out of the cart and into the middle of the road. The very same road that I wished would open up and swallow me whole.

I guess by this time the man felt bad for us though, because he restrained himself to something akin to a giggle on his way past us. Gotta love helpful people. Especially the ones who help rub salt into your wounds.

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