Friday, August 24, 2012

A Modest Upbringing

I tend to dress modestly.  Even my swimsuit covers more than some people's everyday clothing.  Same with exercise outfits (the few that I own).  Not too short, not too tight, and always covering my stomach.

Yesterday when I was working in the back yard, the Alabama heat really got to me so I changed into a sports bra to help beat the heat.  This took my family so by surprise, that this is the reaction that I received...

Asha says, "Eww, Mom!  Can you put a shirt on?  That's gross."  (After staring at me for another minute she added...)  "I don't like to see people's belly buttons." Ethan yelled (just because he yells everything), "Dad!  Mom's not wearing a shirt!"  Daniel looked at my husband with a helpless face, "Dad, can you tell Mom to put a shirt on?"

Point taken.  Children just have a way of stating things to make you fully appreciate humility don't they?

Then this morning on the way to school we passed a man mowing his lawn shirtless.

Asha: That man is almost naked!
Daniel: It's okay for boys to have their shirt off.
Asha: Why can't girls have their shirts off?
Daniel: Because of their chest.
Asha: But I don't have a chest yet.
Daniel: Yes, you do!
Asha:  Nuh-uh!  It's not fat like Mom's!

Like I said, Fully Appreciate Humility.

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