Monday, April 16, 2012

My husband is a beautiful liar.

Reposted blog entry from August 24, 2007

Out of seven room in our new house, I have gotten exactly 3 in order. The rest (including the kitchen and dining room) are still one big box maze. My husband comes home from work yesterday and says, "Wow, Honey. The house looks great!"

He will catch me at the end of the day when my hair has frizzed, my make up has worn off, and the kids have gotten food all over my clothes and say, "You look really hot right now..."

I collapsed into bed one night after a day when the kids drove me so nuts I thought about checking into giving them up for adoption (not quite, but parents will understand the kind of day I'm talking about) and he says, "You know you're such a good mom. That's why I want another one -because I think more kids will be lucky to have you as a mom."

I painted the bedroom in the new place and though it is far from "girly", it does look like it was designed by a woman. He said he liked it and I questioned whether it was something he would have picked. He said, "No, but I like walking into this room and seeing your personality. It's a nice feeling."

It was at that moment that I felt beautiful too.

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  1. Clay's love language is Words of Affirmation. He loves taking it in and dishing it out. It's great to have husbands like that, especially when I feel frumpy, fat and blah (blah is a feeling!) . It's wonderful to have men who support us and our feelings.

    Happy Birthday!