Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm Such a Loser

I will deny it if confronted, but I'm not ashamed of it.
Yes, being a loser makes my life so much easier.

For example, my daughter's 6th birthday was last week.
A kind friend gave her this.
I think I lost it within hours of the first time she played with it
(and got the hair colors all over herself, the table, the floor, the counter...) 
I'm pretty sure I will never find it again.

I've been known to lose really annoying noise toys.
I've lost toys with lots of little parts that I'm tired of picking up.
I've even lost whole collections, like the popcorn kernel one. (Don't ask)

Sometimes its clothing that I lose.  You know, the shirt that someone else gave them that they love and want to wear all the time, but its so ugly that you can't bear for them to be seen in it and hope that no one thinks YOU bought it for them?  Yep, I've lost a few of those.

But while I'm not ashamed of it,
I do hope no one ever realizes what a loser I am.


  1. a loser maybe but I'm extremely smart loser. evidently being losers runs in the family. your sister just reminded me that while we were in college she lost a shirt of mine. she didn't tell me about it for 2 years. it was a shirt that I really like and she really didn't thing so she lost it. she tells me that when she told me 2 years later I was really upset. I don't remember getting upset but I'm sure I did. so maybe your older sister taught you how to be a loser 2.

  2. My girls would LOVE that toy, though it might go missing at my house too. My husband is the biggest loser between the two of us. I occasionally have to rescue the items he loses from the trash!

  3. You loser!

    Happy Birthday!