Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Things they say

My children are three fantastic bundles of pure energy.
They get it from me of course.
And I mean that literally...they suck the energy right out if me like little leaches...

But they are nothing if not entertaining.  I watch in amazement as their bodies grow and their minds expand.  I watch and listen.  Sometimes what I hear just makes me smile, sometimes it makes me laugh outright.  Sometimes it just makes me go, "What?"  You can decide for yourself which ones are which.

Top ten things heard at my house recently...

Ethan (3 years)
Ethan: I almost getting my dressed on.
Ethan: I'm winning last!
Me: Do you want me to put you down?  Ethan: No.  I'm still picking you up.

Asha (5 years)
Asha: Mom, Ethan is peeing on the towels in the bathroom!
Asha: I can't hear you cause my eyes are locked.
Asha: Mom, What will you name me when I grow up?
Asha: Daddy, when Daniel and Ethan grow up, will they have no hair like you?

Daniel (7)
Daniel: Mom! Asha and Ethan got blueberry juice on the ceiling!
Daniel: I was playing and my legs are so tired because I didn't have any other mode of transportation.
Me: Daniel, did you forget I'm on video chat and Grandma can see you dancing around naked in front of the mirror?

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